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To increase awareness for shelter pets Brittney Zamora will highlight shelters and pet adoption agencies throughout the 2020 season with her Pit Road Pals awareness program. The objective is to increase awareness for local pet shelters and adoption agencies. While on the road Pit Road Pals will coordinate visits with local media and feature available pets ready and needing adoption. 

The fact that Brittney will be able spend time with the pets is a bonus!  Brittney while on the road regularly looks at the local animal adoption websites and it always results in wanting to take one home. Now she will spend time holding, petting and playing with these pets that need a home. "Hopefully our efforts will assist in finding forever homes” said Zamora. Our goal is to raise additional awareness and it will be a cause for Brittney to champion for 2020 and beyond. 

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 This page will provide you information on upcoming events, Brittney's pick of the litter and opportunities to get involved. We will also have links to Pit Road Pals partners and discounts. There is  a blog for people that have rescue pets to share their story.  We view this as an opportunity to raise awareness and create a community of support for those that have  rescued and for those that would like to rescue.  

 To provide a blog post send us your contact information using the Blog With Us link below.  Blogs should provide your rescue story, photos and anything you would like to share about your pet(s). Contributions will be reviewed and edited (if needed) prior to posting.  

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Pit Road Pets will use Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram for social media coverage. 

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